Used Rolling Mills

Rolling mills are mainly used in the sheet metal processing industry and in the jewelry processing.

Various materials can be used like steel strips, steel sheets, copper, gold, titanium, as well as wire or tubes and profiles.

There are two-high or DUO-rolling mills, four-high or QUARTO-rolling mills and reversible rolling mills.

Rolling describes the procedure when the material is formed between two or more rotating rolls. There are two procedures: the hot rolling (when the temperature during the process is above re-crystallization point of the material) and cold rolling.

A DUO rolling mill has two parallel rolls, between which the material is rolled down. To repeat the rolling process for further reduction of the material thickness, the material must either be brought back to the other side or the direction of the rolls must be reversed. A QUARTO rolling mill has to set of parallel rolls. The processing of material stays the same.

To avoid a bending of the working rolls, these are often supported by back-up rolls, which have usually a large diameter.

We would be pleased to offer you suitable DUO or QUARTO rolling mills, if requested even reversible.

In order to find the suitable used rolling mill, the following basic data is needed:

width of material: min. and max. in mm
kind of material that will be processed on the rolling mill:
diameter of the rolls needed:
2-high or 4-high rolling mill?

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