Used Decoiler & Recoiler

The decoiler and recoiler is mainly deployed in the iron and steel industry, as well as in smaller businesses in the sheet metall industry.

The decoiler and recoiler can be used for strips, wire or extra thin sheet metall. Whatever you need a decoiler, double-decoiler or recoiler, we carry leading and well known manufcaturers in this field.

One differentiates between:

decoiler or single sided decoiler - (here is the machinery located in front of a processing plant, like e.g. roll froming lines, a leveller or straightener, slitting lines, cut to length lines, in front of presses, etc.). The material that needs to be processed is being unwinded from the machine.

Double-decoiler or double sided decoiler - if a more effective work routine is needed.

Recoiler - (here is the machinery located behind a processing plant, like e.g. roll froming lines, a leveller or straightener, slitting lines etc.). The processed material is winded up on the machinery once more.

In order to find the suitable decoiler, double decoiler or recoiler, one needs the following basic data:

- Width of material in mm
- Coil-weight in kg/or tons
- Coil inner diameter in mm
- Coil outer diameter in mm
- Range of expansion in mm
- Hydraulically or mechanical
- Should the decoiler, double decoiler or recoiler have a drive and brake

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