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In the sheet metal forming industry punching presses and punch lines are standing for maximum performance, use high precision and unbeatable reliability.

High-speed punching presses and punch lines are used for punching flat parts, especially for sheets - that is, a press, which produces in one step, with the right cutting tool, the final product. The used separation method in this case is shearing.

The upper tool - the die - has the inner shape while the lower part - the matrix - has the corresponding opening. The basis can also be flat - then the upper tool consists of an appropriately shaped, closed stamp- knife. In this case, the basis is no part of the tool.

Stamped parts are being punched directly from the coil, which are guided by precision presses with a nominal force of 250-4000 kN and with 400-1400 strokes per minute.

These high-performance presses need a high stiffness to be able to reduce the vibrations that occur during the stamping process and to ensure the high precision or quality. Plus, the punching presses and punch lines must have a high tilting stiffness.

In the production the used punch tool plays a crucial role, since it is exposed to very high stroke rates at enormous stress and still needs to guarantee highest precision, even after a long period of use.

Punch tools are generally produced in grinding or spark erosion processes. The construction and production of punch tools requires excellent know-how.

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