Used Coil Lines

Coil lines are mainly used in the sheet metal working and processing industry and consist of a single- or double-decoiler and a roller leveller. The double-decoiler has the advantage that there isn’t any time loss during the loading of the coils.

The used coil lines can improve the technology through the use of the coiler and the leveller.

Coil lines are used as single units for individual work process or are integrated into complete systems.

In most cases coil lines are used complete press lines, means that they are standing in front of the press.

Well-known manufacturer of coil lines which we have in our stock are:

In order to find the suitable used coil line the following basic data is needed:

width of material: min. and max. in mm
thickness of material: min. and max. in mm
kind of material that will be processed on the coil line:
number of rolls and diameter of the rolls needed:
coil weigth of decoiler or double decoiler : in tons or kg
coil-inside diameter: in mm
coil-outside diameter: in mm

Detailed information about the coil lines which we have to offer you’ll find HERE

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