Stock no.1073-7764
CategoryDecoilers for Coils
TypeHAEMH 5000/1600
Storage locationEXW- ex works
Delivery timeimmediately
QuotationEXW- ex works (free on Truck)
Decoilers for Coils von HEILBRONN Typ: HAEMH 5000/1600 Gebrauchtmaschinen
Decoilers for Coils von HEILBRONN Typ: HAEMH 5000/1600 Gebrauchtmaschinen

Technical details

sheet width - max.1600 mm
coil weight5,00 t
coil internal dia.508-610 mm
coil outside - diam. ca.1400 mm
working direction left - rightja/yes
range of expansion ca.460 - 530 mm
weight of the machine ca.8,10 t
dimensions of the machine ca.8,00 x 2,50 x 2,20 m
- Driven paper winder (floor mounting)
Core width max. 1,600 mm
Inside of Case - Through. 76mm
- Substructure frame with integrated toothed rack (reel shift)
- Coil loading chair – integrated in the coiler substructure above the floor
- decoiler
Drive (auxiliary drive) power 1.1 kW
Spread hydraulically
Pressure arm hydraulic
Driven pressure roller (motorized via chain)
Drive power 0.75 kW
Motorized reel shift (via rack)
Disc brake - pneumatic
Valve stand attached to reel construction
Coil stop disc 1,400 mm diam.
- Hydraulics
- Electrics not available


no documents available


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